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About the Association of Community Ministries

While the community ministry movement began in Louisville, Kentucky in the 1960’s, it was not until 1986 that the Fund for Community Ministries was established at the urging of several local funders. Rather than incorporate as a separate entity, the Fund functioned as a part of the Kentuckiana Interfaith Community.

The Fund became the Association for Community Ministries (ACM) in the early 1990’s. The ACM provided a coordinated, efficient way for its members to collaborate as they sought funding from corporations, foundations, and government sources.

The first campaign started in 1987 with a challenge grant from the Mary and Barry Bingham, Sr. Fund. Other long-term supporters have been the James Graham Brown Foundation and the Norton Foundation. From 1986 to 1999, the ACM membership grew from 6 ministries to 15 ministries. Then, in 1999 discussions were held about incorporating ACM as a separate non-profit corporation. In early 1999, The Association of Community Ministries was incorporated. After the combining of some territories there are now 13 area ministries providing support to the entirety of the Metro Louisville community.

Mission Statement

The Association of Community Ministries (ACM) unites the ministries of Louisville in order to enhance the effectiveness of their work and thereby improve the quality of life for people.

Values Statement

The ACM is united in serving the needs of the community in a caring fashion while preserving individual dignity. We offer our services and support without prejudice or discrimination. We believe it is our responsibility to work for justice, advocate for the poor, and elevate the self esteem of those people marginalized in our society by treating them fairly and with respect.

Vision Statement

The ACM seeks to be a unified association that has wide-spread public awareness and credibility for its strong role in providing basic human services and advocacy for individuals and families in need.

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