Each area ministry offers services tailored for the unique and diverse community in which the ministry operates. However, every ministry offers some form of an emergency financial assistance resource, such as:

  • Financial assistance with rent,
  • Financial assistance with a water bill,
  • Financial assistance with LG&E and other energy providers for gas and electricity,
  • Financial assistance with prescription medications.

Below is a partial list of some of the services offered.

Individual and Family Assistance

This service helps provide a caring, responsive environment to which families in crisis come to receive assistance in resolving their crisis.

Adult Day Care

Adult Day Care provides a structured program balancing physical & cognitive activities designed to help frail older adults function at their highest level for as long as possible.

Job Readiness

Job Readiness helps individuals prepare for getting a job, from creating a resume, to interviewing to starting their first day of employment.

Meals on Wheels

With the assistance of other community services, Meals on Wheels works through many of our community ministries, as a base for the distribution of home delivered meals to the home bound of our community.

Seasonal Programs

Special seasonal programs are often offered, such as Thanksgiving Meals, Winter Coats, and Christmas programs.

Housing Assistance

Our Community Ministries can be a resource for those needing housing.
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